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What goes in your bins

Grey general waste bin 

What you cannot reuse or recycle goes in the general waste collection. We do not collect any household waste that is not in your general waste bin. We do not offer more than one general waste bin. You can apply for a bigger bin if four or more people are living in your property.


Apply for a bigger bin


Disposing of personal waste if you think you have Covid-19 or if you are self-isolating:

Personal waste (e.g. used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste bin. In Walsall this is usually your grey bin. Never put this type of waste in your green recycling bin. If you live in a flat with shared communal bins do not put your waste into any communal areas until it is at least 72 hours old.  Other household waste can be disposed of as usual.

This information could be subject to change, so please continue to check the Public Health England website for the most up to date guidance available.


Green recycling bin

  • cartons
  • cardboard
  • junk mail
  • catalogues 
  • brochures and pamphlets 
  • newspapers and magazines
  • aerosols
  • food cans and tins
  • plastic bottles, trays and pots
  • glass bottles and jars

All recycling in your green bin should be clean, dry and loose (or placed in a clear bag).  The following items cannot go in your recycling bin:

  • Black plastic, including food trays and bags
  • Nappies
  • Textiles (e.g bed linen)
  • Food waste
  • Electrical items

Not sure if the item can go in your green recycling bin? Check Recycle Now.

If there are non-recyclable items in your green bin we will be unable to empty it. Any green bins that contain incorrect items will have a yellow tag placed on the handles and will not be emptied until the contamination is removed.  The bin will be emptied on your next scheduled collection. 

Confidential or personal information

Make sure you dispose of confidential or personal information such as bills or bank statements appropriately. Your rubbish and recycling bins are not secure; be vigilant about identity theft.


Brown garden waste bin

Garden waste is now collected every two weeks and you can check your brown bin dates on the check your bin collection date page.  You can also refer to the collection dates on the rear of the Garden Waste calendar leaflet which was recently delivered to your property.
  • flowers and plants
  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • tree clippings
  • leaves.

Garden waste should be loose inside your brown bin.  It should not include pots, bags, containers or kitchen and food waste.


Other ways you can manage your garden waste