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Funded Projects



Speaking Out CIC in Dudley were awarded £19,758.20 for their "Working towards a job and a home in the Black Country" employment project, supporting participants across the Black Country.

Community Action Wyre Forest were awarded £11,893.28 for their "CASE - Care and Social Employment" project, based in Stourbridge and delivered across Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Top Church Training were awarded £19,811.90 for their "Choices" employment project, a craft based programme for vulnerable women from Dudley.

Turning Point Solutions were awarded £20,000.00 for their "Women2Women" project, based in Stourbridge and supporting Dudley women.

Magic Touch were awarded £20,000 for their “Progression” project delivering health and beauty classes for women in Dudley.

DIYYA were awarded £19,999 for their “Remote Active Learning Project” delivering training online for help local women back into work and training.

Dudley Caribbean and Friends Association were awarded £19,970.72 for their ‘Employ N-Able’ project which is based in Dudley’ value to £19,971.88.

DIYYA were awarded £19,965 for their ‘Opening Doors’ women’s employment project in Dudley.

Dudley Caribbean and Friends Association were awarded £19,970.72 for their ‘Employ N-Able’ project which is based in Dudley.




Ryecroft Neighbourhood Resource Centre were awarded £19,135.31 for their "Walsall Working for Change" employment project, based in Ryecroft Hub.

Community Footprints in the Community were awarded £15,762.12 for their "Relating toTime for Me" women only project, also based in Ryecroft Hub.

Mindful Gifts CIC were awarded £18,836.00 for their "Developing Confidence" employment project based in Darlaston and supporting participants in Wolverhampton, Walsall and Sandwell.

Urban Hax CIC were awarded £19,819.70 for “The Creative Reach Project” working with unemployed people in Walsall who are interested in artistic pursuits.

One Love CIC were awarded £15,931.24 for the “Grow With Love” project which uses creative activities and training to help participants grow in confidence and move closer to work/ training.

Black Country Innovate CIC were awarded £19,970 for the “Unlock Your Potential” project to support local people interested in pursuing work in security.

Aaina Hub were awarded £ 19678.05 for the “Aaina Community Radio” project which supports local women in learning radio production.

Nash Dom CIC in Walsall were awarded £19,773.00 for their “Employment For all” employment project, supporting participants in Walsall.

Taste For Life CIC in Walsall were awarded £18,220.00 for their “Creating Jobs for a Better Community” project, delivering in Walsall.

West Midlands Amputee Support Group were awarded £19,961.80 for their ‘Stepping Stones’ employment project supporting learners from Walsall, Wolverhampton and Sandwell.

Ambur Community Radio Limited were awarded £17,917.58 for their ‘Radio Digital Skills (‘RaDS’)’ media and radio project for learners in Walsall.

Walsall Black Sisters Collective were awarded £19,312.00 for ‘Walsall Women Empowerment Programme’ supporting women in Walsall.

Open Lens Media CIC were awarded £18,575.80 for their ‘Pathways Employability Skills Programme’ supporting participants in Walsall.

Ambur Community Radio Limited were awarded £17,985.11 to deliver their ‘Media Training & Employment Skills Development’ project in Walsall.




BOS (Business Office Solutions) CIC were awarded £20,000.00 for "The Inspire Project" women only employment and skills project, based at their City Centre premises.

Wolverhampton Learning Platform CIC were awarded £20,000.00 for their "FISCAL - Financial Independence Supporting Communities Accessing Learning" project, based at 5 locations across the City.

I-enterskills were awarded £20,000.00 for their "Arise to Acheive" employment project, based in Blakenhall a deprived area of Wolverhampton.

TOPPS for the Community CIC were awarded £19,786.45 for their "Mentor Development Programme" employment project, based in Finchfield, close to Wolverhampton City Centre.

Wildside Activity Centre were awarded £7,356.01 for their "Enviroskills" employment project, based at their activity centre in Wolverhampton, a tranquil forest and canalside setting.

ConGens Group were awarded £15,476.48 for their "Black Country Apprentices" employment project, working with particpants in Bushbury.

BME United were awarded £19,661.55 for their "Steps to Employment Project" (STEP) based in Blakenhall, supporting participants in Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley.

Your Helping Hands were awarded £19,727.00 for their "Moving peopel closer to the job market" project, based close to the city centre and serving participants  of Wolverhampton.

Midland Langar Seva Society were awarded £19,979.00 for their "MLSS Serving Communities 2" project, based in and supporting the people of Wolverhampton.

Aspiring Futures were awarded £17,692.41 for their “Put a Spin on Learning” project to support local women back into work and training.

School of Coding were awarded £19,970 for the “Code Your Future” project, teaching people interested in learning coding and digital skills.

BOS (Business Office Solutions) CIC were awarded £20,000 for the “Link Up” project to support local people gain skills and confidence to help them get back into work.

TOPPS for the Community CIC were awarded £19993.34 for the “Empowering Mentors to Support Young People Effectively” project to support local people interested in pursuing work supporting young people.

Nishkam Divine Service were awarded £ 19,987 for the “Skills For Life” project which aims to support local people to gain skills that help them get back into work/ training.

Arise Training CIC in Wolverhampton were awarded £10,056.40 for their “Wrap around Wolverhampton” project supporting participants in Wolverhampton.

Employment Training Network in Wolverhampton were awarded £17,974.00 for their “Moving People Closer to the Job Market During Social” employment project, delivering in Wolverhampton.

Helping Communities To Train CIC in Wolverhampton were awarded £19,957 for their “Training Communities for a Better Future” employment project, supporting participants in Wolverhampton.

Gecko Arts and Media were awarded £19,959 for their ‘Ready2Work’ employability project.

Nishkam Divine Service were awarded £19,995.70 for their ‘Skills for Life’  employability project.

SOC Communities Foundation CIC were awarded £19,959 for their ‘In2 Work’  employability project.

Gloucester Street Community Centre were awarded £19,655 for their ‘The Digital Inclusion Guidance Information Technology And Learning’ digital employability project in Wolverhampton.

Word Of Spirit and Life (WOSAL) Baptist Church were awarded £19,148.48 for their ‘Pathway To Work’ employability project.

Business Office Services CIC were awarded £20,000 for their ‘PHOENIX Project’ digital employability project in Wolverhampton.

Alzec Vision CIC were awarded £17,915 for their ‘Sewing for the Future’ employability project in Wolverhampton.

Magic Touch Network were awarded £19,981.25 for their ‘Learn2Earn’ women’s employability project.

Speaking Out CIC were awarded £20,000 for their ‘Improving Employment Opportunities in the Black Country for Residents of Hostels for Homeless People’ employability project.

I-Enterskills were awarded £12,000 for their ‘Moving Forward’ employability project.

Topps for the Community CIC were awarded £19,920.01 for their ‘Pathways to employment’ employability project in Wolverhampton.

BOS Business Office Services CIC were awarded £20,000.00 for their ‘UR Way’ employability project supporting learners in Wolverhampton.

YBM Business Office Services CIC ‘Young Business Matters’ in Wolverhampton were awarded £20,000.00 to run a programme to help 18 – 29 year olds set up their own businesses.

Nishkam Divine Service were awarded £19,998.19 for their ‘Skills For Life’ project that is running in Wolverhampton.




CEAL (Community Education Academy of Leadership) were awarded £20,000.00 for their "Pathways into Employment" project, based within their offices in West Bromwich and local Job Centres.

GEDS (Global Entrpreneurial Development Service) were awarded £18,500.60 for their "STER - Steps Towards Entrepreneurial Resilience" project, based in West Bromwich .

Jaikara CIC were awarded £19,943.00 for their "Vision for Innovation" employment project, working with particpants from Sandwell.

Tipton Young Asian Womens Forum were awarded £19,469.65 for their "Tipton Womens Job Club" a valued resource based in the heart of Tipton.

Sandwell Community Hubs CIO were awarded £ for their Rowley and Bristnall Job Clubs, the project will be delivered directly in Rowley and Bristnall.

Jubilee Park Centre were awarded £15,220.14 for their "Jubilee Job Club" employment project based in Jubilee Park.

Cradley Heath Community Centre were awarded £12,765.00 for their "Cradley Heath and Halesowen Employment Club" based in Cradley Heath and Halesowen.

Sandwell Community Hubs CIO were awarded £20,000.00 for their "Rowley and Bristnall Employment Clubs" based in Rowley and Bristnall providing valued resources for Sandwell particpants.

Illeys Community Association were awarded £18,242.32 for the "Illeys Employment Skills Hub" (IESH) based in Victoria Parks Skills Centre, another deprived area of Sandwell.

Community Advice Service were awarded £9,977.64 for their "Migrant Empoyment Club - MEC" based in Lodge Community Centre, West Bromwich.

Community Ventures CIC were awarded £14,025.20 for their "Community Ventures Employment" project, based in Wood Lane Community Centre, West Bromwich.

Community Connect Foundation were awarded £18,285.73 for their “Job Club” project to support unemployed people in the North Smethwick area.

EPIC CIC were awarded £17,954.80 for their “Upskilling Project” to support local people improve basic skills and improve their chances of getting work.

African French Speaking Community Support were awarded £19571.60 for the “African French Speaking Community Support Project” to help the community improve skills needed to progress into work and training.

European Welfare Association were awarded £19,446 for the “Start Today and Build Tomorrow” project specialising in supporting the local Polish community and supporting them back into work.

Ileys Community Association were awarded £19,675.08 for their ‘Employment Skills Hub’ employability project.

Empowering People In Change CIC were awarded £17,406.00 for their ‘Making a difference’ employability project supporting learners in Sandwell.

The Healthy Employment Hub CIC were awarded £11,270.00 for ‘The Hub Employment’ employability project in Sandwell.

The Change Consortium were awarded £19,136.00 for their ‘Volunteers Matters’ employability project in Sandwell.

African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS) were awarded £19,143.60 for their ‘Upskilling for readiness to work’ employability project in Sandwell.


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