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Self and Custom Build

The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 requires councils to keep a register of eligible individuals and groups (associations) who wish to self and / or custom build.
The register will help inform Walsall Council of the demand for self build and custom build plots. Local authorities are required to hold a register of people who want to self or custom build homes in their area, and to identify and permission sufficient suitable land for custom and self-build to meet the demand demonstrated by their registers.
Self and custom build can typically be carried out by:
An individual who purchases a plot of land and builds them self a home to live in, or employs others to build part or all of the home and to oversee construction;
a group (referred to as an association) who come together to build themselves homes to live in, or employ others to build and to oversee construction;
a developer led build, where the developer divides the site into plots and provides a design and build service to individual purchasers, who have the ability to influence the individual house design
Each individual applicant, and every member of an association of individuals, that applies for entry on the register must be:
aged 18 or older;
a British citizen, a national of a EEA State other than the United Kingdom, or a national of Switzerland; and
seeking (either alone or with others) to acquire a serviced plot of land in the relevant authority’s area to build a house to occupy as that individual’s sole or main residence
If you are considering undertaking a self / custom build project either as an individual or as part of a group, please fill in the form below