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Pay your penalty notice (school attendance fine)

You will receive a penalty notice if your child misses school during term time and the reason you give is not ‘exceptional’. This is also known as a school attendance fine.

Find out more about missing school and your responsibilities as a parent.

Receiving a penalty notice

We will send the notice by post to your home address. We allow 2 days for delivery time before your notice period starts.

There’s no right of appeal.

How much it costs

If you’ve received a penalty notice, you should pay it as soon as possible to avoid any further charges.

A penalty notice costs £60.00 per parent, per child. For example:

  • a single parent with one absent child: £60.00
  • a single parent with two absent children: £120.00
  • two parents with one absent child: £120.00
  • two parents with two absent children: £240.00

After 21 days, this increases to £120.00 per parent, per child.

If you haven’t paid after 28 days, your case may be referred to court.

How to pay