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Demolition notice

A demolition project cannot start without a demolition notice. The council is responsible for making sure demolition work is planned and carried out according to regulations.

It is an offence to start demolition work without giving six weeks notice before work starts.

What is a demolition notice?

A demolition notice tells us about your intent to demolish the whole, or any part, of a building. The property owner must apply for the demolition notice.

There are some limited exceptions when a demolition notice is not required. This includes:

  • demolition of an internal part of a building
  • where the building is occupied and intended that it should continue to be occupied
  • certain agricultural buildings
  • demolition of a greenhouse, conservatory, shed
  • prefabricated garage forms part of a larger building
  • demolition of a building that has a cubic content. (as ascertained by external measurement of not more than 1750 cubic feet)

If you are unsure contact us and we will help you.

​Apply for a demolition notice

In order for us to process your demolition notice, you must: 

  • provide a 1:1250 location plan indicating the buildings to be demolished, surrounding properties and sealed drains 
  • notify service providers such as gas, electric and water by sending them a copy of the demolition notice and location plan  

The fee for a demolition notice is £200, inclusive of VAT.  This covers registration, risk assessment and site inspections. Further fees may be incurred if additional site visits are required.  

Download list

Send your completed form to us by email. Use our how to pay page to make a payment.

What happens next?

When we approve your demolition request we will issue a 'counter notice'. You must wait for this before you start work. You will receive a counter notice once approval to demolish has been granted.

You must either, wait six weeks, or be in receipt of a counter notice before demolition work starts. 

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