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This section sets out the procedure for the submission of petitions by councillors and members of the public on matters of concern in order to ensure that petitions are dealt with in the appropriate manner.
Petitions are communications signed by and sent to the council on behalf of a number of people.  The normal requirement is for a petition to contain at least 10 signatures to be treated as a petition.
The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 required every authority to have adopted a petitions scheme setting out how it handles petitions by 15 June 2010 and also that by 15 December 2010 every authority should have an on-line petition facility under which anyone may set up a petition and other petitioners may sign up to the petition on-line.
The council already had a petitions scheme in place, but approved a new scheme to take into account the new provisions set out in the above Act to take into account e-petitions.  
The petitions scheme which sets out what a petition should include, the procedure on receipt of a petition, Council debate, officer evidence and e-petitions is as follows:
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