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War memorials

Walsall Borough's contribution to the First World War is recognised in our memorials.

After the war, Walsall councillor Joseph Leckie commissioned renowned British artist Frank O. Salisbury. Salisbury was to create paintings that 'commemorate the never to be forgotten valour of the South Staffordshire Regiments'.

Salisbury talked to serving officers from the South Staffordshire Regiment so his paintings could represent actual events. He completed his artworks in 1920. You can see these in Walsall Town Hall, on either side of the organ.

The painting on the left shows the 1st South Staffords attacking the Hohenzollern Redoubt. The artwork on the right shows the 5th South Staffords storming the St. Quentin Canal at Bellingtise.

Salisbury's paintings were unveiled on the same day as the Carless Memorial. This honoured John Henry Carless, recipient of the Victoria Cross. You can find the Carless Memorial in front of our Lichfield Street Hub (the Central Library).

If you'd like to support our armed forces, you can make a donation to the Royal British Legion.

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