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Pest control

Closure of the pest control service

Following a review, Walsall Council has withdrawn its pest control service.

If you have a pest problem

You should contact a pest control company to tackle the problem. We recommended that you look for pest controllers that are part of professional pest control organisation, such as the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) or National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

If you choose to treat the problem yourself, the BPCA site provides an A to Z of pests and also offers useful advice and information on the control of all types of pest.

Rubbish on private land and gardens

If a build-up of rubbish on private land and gardens is a nuisance or a health risk, we can help. We cannot intervene where the land is just unsightly, overgrown or littered.

Contact the community protection team.

We have powers to contact the owner or occupier and tell them they are required to remove the waste if it:

  • provides harbourage for rats and mice (for example, soft furnishings)
  • contains food for rats and mice

If this is not successful, we can serve the owner or occupier with a legal notice. This tells them they are required to remove the rubbish within a certain period.  If they do not, we can arrange to remove the rubbish and recover the costs this has incurred.

We may be able to deal with other waste if there are exceptional circumstances - for example, if it has a serious or significant impact on the local community.

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