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Sugar Smart Walsall campaign focus for Mayor’s parlour visit

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Children from Lower Farm Primary in Bloxwich were welcomed by the Mayor of Walsall, Councillor Chris Towe, for a visit to the Mayor’s Parlour on Tuesday 28 November 2023.

Mayor of Walsall with the children of Lower Farm Primary
Children from Lower Farm Primary posing for a photo with Mayor of Walsall, Councillor Chris Towe

During their visit, the children had the opportunity to learn about the Mayor’s responsibilities, as well as the importance of the ‘Sugar Smart Walsall’ pledge in schools across the borough.

In Walsall, the ‘Sugar Smart’ pledge was launched in August 2023 by Food for Life Walsall to encourage all children and adults to pledge action to reduce sugar consumption and make healthy nutrition choices. The pledge was signed by the Mayor as part of the council’s wider commitment to encourage people to maintain or improve their health and wellbeing and has now become a key focus of the Mayor’s visits.

The visit included a healthy snack and fruit for the children to encourage the importance of eating well and moving more.

“ I was delighted to welcome the children from Lower Farm Primary. They asked some very insightful questions and I hope this visit inspired them to learn more about the work we do in local government and the importance of living active, fulfilling lives. “

Mayor of Walsall, Councillor Chris Towe

“ We encourage all children and young adults to embrace the Sugar Smart Walsall campaign. This is being delivered as part of the Food for Life programme to make a positive change towards a happier and healthier life. Reducing sugar intake is essential for maintaining overall wellbeing, especially during the crucial stages of growth and development. Let's join hands in fostering a sugar-conscious community where everyone has the opportunity and support to make informed dietary decisions. “

Jenine Hadley from the Food for Life Walsall team


Notes to the editor

About Lower Farm Primary

Lower Farm Primary is a primary school in Walsall, UK. The school provides a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for all children. Lower Farm Primary is committed to providing children with a high-quality education that will prepare them for success in life.

For more information on the Sugar Smart campaign , visit the Food for Life Walsall’s website at Food for Life Walsall launches SUGAR SMART to combat high sugar diets - Food for Life

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