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Residents encouraged to participate in Walsall town centre PSPO consultation

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Walsall Council is encouraging residents, visitors and those who work in the town centre to participate in a consultation on the future of its Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) and whether it should be extended or varied for another three years.

The order, which has been in place since 2017, was enacted to tackle anti-social behaviour and ensure that law-abiding residents can use and enjoy public spaces safely. It deals with specific nuisances or problems in a defined geographical area that are detrimental to the community’s quality of life.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the consultation can do so at The closing date for comments is Tuesday 11 July 2023.

“ We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour to maintain law and order and the quality of life of our residents.

A PSPO can last for up to three years after which it must be reviewed. If the review supports an extension, it may be extended for another three years, and there is no limit to the number of times that a PSPO can be reviewed and renewed.

I’d encourage all residents to participate in this consultation to extend the PSPO and prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of the behaviour that it prohibits explicitly. We want to enable every resident, young and old, to enjoy using public places safely.

Councillor Garry Perry
Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Resilient Communities at Walsall Council

“ The PSPO is a way to protect communities and those who wish to work, shop or socialise in Walsall town centre. The order gives the police an opportunity to engage, enforce and divert those committing acts of anti-social behaviour. “

Inspector Peter Poolton
Walsall Neighbourhood Policing Unit

For more information about the PSPO or to request information about the consultation in large print or an alternative format, please call the Walsall Council Community Protection Team on 01922 653060 or email

The current PSPO order in Walsall town centre applies to all public spaces within the restricted area and for 24 hours a day. Public spaces include the highway, public footpaths and public areas of land including communal car parks or grassed areas.

Following the end of the consultation period, Walsall Council will review the feedback and other information to decide whether or not to extend or vary the order.

For the latest information about the Walsall town centre PSPO, visit the council website. 

Notes to Editors

Breach of a PSPO is a criminal offence for which an individual can be summoned to attend court and fined. Fixed Penalty Notices for £100 may also be issued to deal with a breach. 

Under the PSPO, the following specified things are prohibited in this restricted area:

  • No person shall remain in a shop, betting office, or food outlet so as, without reasonable excuse, to cause harassment, alarm, or distress.
  • No person shall remain at Walsall Market, shown hatched in blue on the map so as, without reasonable excuse, to cause harassment, alarm, or distress
  • No person without reasonable excuse shall in a public place use a hypodermic needle to inject themselves or another. 
  • No person shall, without reasonable excuse, throw down, drop or otherwise deposit and leave in any public place a hypodermic needle or other drug paraphernalia.
  • No person shall beg in a manner so as to cause harassment alarm or distress.
  • No person shall remain in a bus station, a bus shelter, at the cenotaph or in the doorway of any building so as, without reasonable excuse, to cause harassment, alarm, or distress. 
  • No person shall consume alcohol. 
  • No person shall consume any psychoactive substances.
  • No person shall, except in a lavatory, urinate or defecate in a public place.

Under the order, the following specified things are required in the restricted area:


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