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Rejuvenation of Nottingham Drive car park

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Work started on Monday 31 October 2022 to rejuvenate a car park area on Nottingham Drive following the transfer of the land to Walsall Council.

Street sign that reads Nottingham Drive, situated in front of a shopping area with carpark

Work started yesterday (Monday 31 October 2022) to rejuvenate a car park area on Nottingham Drive, Willenhall, following the transfer of the land from the Crown Estate to Walsall Council.

Walsall Council’s Major Projects team will be delivering works to construct the car park in accordance with the planning application, approved in January 2020.

The work is set to take approximately 6 weeks with an estimated completion date of Friday 9 December 2022.

The improvement work, costing £166,200.27, will include replacing the existing concrete bollards and resurfacing the carpark, introducing two vehicle cross-over points and a height barrier. Work will also take place to install infrastructure for electric vehicle charging points.

“ I have been working with current ward members and officers for a number of years to resolve this ongoing issue.

The area has been plagued with fly tipping and without a landowner it has been very difficult to resolve the issues. With the council now taking ownership it will be able to take tougher action on anyone who fly tips on the land.

The building does not become council owned but the owner will have to cooperate with the council to stop the ongoing fly tipping issues. The rebuilt car park will Improve the area and the shopping experience for local people “

Councillor Adrian Andrew, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Regeneration
Walsall Council
A photograph of the shopping area and car park on Nottingham Drive in Willenhall

Local businesses and residents that will be impacted by the works have been advised.


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