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Moving traffic contraventions enforcement survey

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Walsall Council is applying to the Secretary of State for moving traffic enforcement powers.

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Walsall Council is applying to the Secretary of State for moving traffic enforcement powers, as powers made available under the Traffic Management Act 2004 can now be implemented.

This means that the enforcement of moving traffic contraventions would be decriminalised allowing the council to enforce restrictions that can currently only be enforced by the Police alongside other high priority demands for their service. 

Moving traffic contraventions include: 

  • Driving through a no entry sign 
  • Turning left or right when instructed not to do so 
  • Entering yellow box junctions when the exit is not clear 
  • Driving where and when motor vehicles are prohibited 
  • Driving on routes that are for buses and taxis only 
  • Driving the wrong way in a one-way street 
  • Ignoring a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) 

Councillor Adrian Andrew, Deputy Leader of Walsall Council said:

“Put simply, we want safe streets for all highway users. We want to reduce the dangers created by drivers who, often wilfully, ignore moving traffic restrictions.

“We want to improve safety around our schools as a priority. But we also want to lessen unnecessary traffic congestion that causes delays for public transport and other traffic within the borough.

“To prepare our submission to the Secretary of State, we are very keen to first listen to residents’ views on the proposals via a short survey.” 

Historical data has been examined and this has informed the draft proposals. Enforcement will take place using technology approved by the Department for Transport (DfT) such as CCTV traffic enforcement cameras.  

Councillor Andrew added:

“The survey closes on 30 December in order for us to meet the DfT’s very strict deadline for applications. I think it’s important to reassure residents that this is just the start of the procedure. If the application is successful, there will be the opportunity to add more locations in future as long as we undertake local consultation.”

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Note to Editor

Councils in England to get new powers over traffic offences ( 

Motorists found to be in contravention of a restriction will be issued with a penalty charge notice. The charge is set nationally and is currently £70 or it can be paid at a discounted rate of £35 if paid within 21 days.

Motorists will also have the option to submit an appeal should they wish to contest the penalty charge notice.

Any income generated from enforcement must only be used to offset the cost of enforcement, meeting the cost of providing passenger transport service, environmental improvement schemes or highway improvement projects.

The local proposals

School street prohibition of driving: 

  • Brownhills West Primary, Shannon Drive (school side from the main Shannon Drive junction) 
  • Manor Primary, Briar Avenue (school side from Hawthorn Road junction) 
  • Pool Hayes Primary, Bridgnorth Grove  
  • Whetstone Field Primary, Beaufort Way  
  • Palfrey Junior School, Dale Street (between Cobden Street and Sun Street) 
  • Holy Trinity Primary, Clayhanger Church Street (from Bridge Street / Clayhanger Lane to High Street) 
  • Lodge Farm Primary, Pineneedle Croft 
  • Pinfold Street Primary Pinfold Street Extension (school side from Wolverhampton Street junction) 
  • Old Church Primary, Alma Street and School Street 
  • County Bridge Primary, Anson Road and Hopyard Road (from Anson Road to King Charles  Avenue) 

Regular contravention of the driving restriction is resulting in unnecessary conflict with pedestrians outside the school gate. 

Prohibition of driving 

  • Market Place / Wolverhampton Street / Stafford Street (Willenhall Town Centre) 
  • Park Street / Station Street / Gallery Square / The Bridge / Digbeth / Lower Hall Lane / High Street (Walsall town centre) 

Regular contravention of the driving restriction during controlled times is resulting in unnecessary conflict with pedestrians. 

Prohibited turn 

  • Hatherton Road into Lichfield Street, Walsall, banned right turn 
  • High Street into Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich, banned right turn 

Regular contravention of the prohibited turn is creating a safety issue for pedestrians crossing the road when they are not expecting vehicles to make such a turn. 

Unnecessary traffic congestion is created in High Street Bloxwich as a result of vehicles waiting to complete the prohibited turn. 

Yellow box junctions 


  • Littleton Street West at New College Way and Wisemore 

Littleton Street West at Stafford Stre

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