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General Elections results for Walsall Borough

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Following the General Election on Thursday 4 July 2024, here are the results for Walsall Borough. 

Image depicts the count floor, with text reading 'General Election, Results are in'

Constituency of Aldridge-Brownhills 

DAVIES, Luke John - Labour Party – 11,607 votes

EARDLEY, Graham - Reform UK – 9,903 votes

GARRETT, Ian Anthony George - Liberal Democrat – 1,755 votes

MORTON, Wendy - The Conservative Party – 15,901 votes [ELECTED]

NASH, Clare - The Green Party – 1,746 votes


Turnout: 58.44%


Constituency of Walsall-Bloxwich 

HUSSAIN, Sadat - The Green Party – 2,288 votes

LLOYD, Shannon Lesley - The Conservative Party – 6,679 votes 

NAWAZ, Aftab - Independent – 7,600  votes

STILLMAN, Patrick Thomas - Liberal Democrat -817 votes

VAZ, Valerie - Labour Party – 12,514 votes [ELECTED]

WILLIAMS, Elaine Ruth - Reform UK – 7,293 votes


Turnout: 49.81%


The results for the two cross-boundary constituencies in Wolverhampton South East and Wolverhampton North East constituencies include the votes of the following wards: Short Heath, Willenhall North, Bentley and Darlaston North, Darlaston South and Willenhall South.


The results can be viewed on The City of Wolverhampton Council's website at:



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