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Managing your HMO

The HMO management regulations place duties on the manager and tenants of a HMO. Both Landlords and Managing Agents must ensure they are compliant with these regulations.

Failure to comply can result in prosecution and a fine of up to £5000 for each offence.

Landlord / managing agents duties

A summary of the landlord / managing agents duties include:

  • duty to supply information

  • the name, address and a contact telephone number for the manager must be clearly displayed in a prominent position within the HMO.

  • duty to maintain fire safety measures

  • all escape routes must be kept safe and free from obstruction. Alarms, detection and extinguishers must be maintained  and certificated. Appropriate fire escape signs must be displayed if more than 4 people occupy the premises.

  • duty to protect occupiers from injury

  • appropriate safeguards must be maintained in relation to roofs, balconies and low windowsills.

  • duty to maintain water supply and drainage

  • all services and fittings shall be maintained in good, clean working order and free from frost damage.

  • duty to supply and maintain gas and electricity

The fixed electrical installation must be inspected and tested at intervals not exceeding 5 years, certificates to be supplied to the local authority within 7 days of a request. Neither gas nor electricity supplies should be unreasonably interrupted.

Duty to maintain common parts, fixtures, fittings and appliances

Should all be kept clean, in good repair and in good working order. These include gas, electric, lighting, heating, hot water, toilets, baths, wash-basins, sinks, cookers, fridges, food storage, windows, ventilation, yards, paths, gardens and so on.

Living accommodation

Each room must be kept in good repair and installations in good working order. Each room must be in a clean condition at the beginning of the tenant’s occupation.

Disposal of refuse and litter

Litter must not be allowed to accumulate and bins adequate to the requirements of the tenants.

You can see the Statutory Instrument for HMOs on the Office of Public Sector Information webpage - Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006.