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Get support with managing your money

Corporate appointeeship service

We can help manage finances for adult social care clients. This is a corporate appointeeship service.

We can help if you or someone you know:

  • receive benefits
  • are unable to manage your finances independently
  • have no-one else who is suitable or able to take on this responsibility

If you or someone you know could use this service, contact us.

What a corporate appointee does

Completes forms for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

The corporate appointee will:

  • notify the DWP and complete all paperwork to make the appointee application
  • cover all legal requirements of appointeeship as required by the DWP

Communicates with the DWP or Pension Service

The corporate appointee will:

  • inform the DWP or Pension Service about any changes to your circumstances

Collects and manages benefits, state pensions and allowances

The corporate appointee will:

  • submit claims for relevant benefits on time
  • receive and manage DWP benefits, state pensions and allowances
  • ensure you receive the most amount of benefits you can
  • make any housing benefit applications on your behalf

Makes payments on your behalf

The corporate appointee will:

  • make sure bills are correct and due before making payment
  • pay your care fees
  • pay your household and utility payments including utilities rent, council tax etc
  • pay for non-utility services if required (for example, gardener)

Manages your personal finances and budget

The corporate appointee will:

  • provide pre-paid cards to help with payments
  • make sure your receive your personal allowance via a pre-paid card or regular payments to an alternative bank account
  • transfer money to your bank accounts when necessary
  • produce a budget plan where appropriate
  • hold relevant levels of funds to meet ongoing commitments
  • deal with simple debt matters
  • review utilities as required

Provides support to you and others involved in your care

The corporate appointee will:

  • provide relevant support and contact via telephone and email
  • provide support with social worker reviews and safeguarding issues if required
  • provide encouragement and support to make a will and funeral plan
  • help with funeral planning and arrangements

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