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Empty homes in Walsall

If you know of an empty home in Walsall that is unsightly, causing concern or is open to intruders please get in touch with the Housing Standards & Improvement Team on 01922  652171 or and will have a look at it and see what action we can take to bring it back into use.

Please provide the address of the empty home and a brief description of what is wrong with it (for example, smashed windows, rubbish dumped in front garden etc) and if you know the owner, their details. If you have a digital photo and want to e-mail it in please try to reduce the megabyte size of the image so that it can be viewed easily. If you also give your contact details it would help.

We are very grateful to all those who let us know about empty homes but please note, we are not able to share confidential information with residents such as whether anyone is paying community charge for the empty home or the contact details of owners. When we investigate empty homes we do checks with colleagues in other council sections and with the Land Registry. Sometimes the owner of the empty home may still be registered at that home itself but we have other ways to try to obtain the owners details.

If a home is open to intruders, we will ask the owner to immediately secure it and where they take no action or we consider it is risk to the public we will take action (carry our boarding up ourselves) straight away.

We recognise that homes become empty for a variety of reasons and we want to work with owners of these properties to help bring them back into use as soon as possible.

Whilst we will negotiate with owners to bring their homes back into use where legal action is necessary we will take it.