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Conservation areas

What is a conservation area?

A Conservation Area is "an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance", as defined by the 'Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. Within the borough, Conservation Areas are brought in to being (designated) by Walsall Council.

Where are these conservation areas and how many of them are there?

The conservation areas are scattered throughout the Borough. Scroll down to see a list of the conservation areas. There are 18 conservation areas within the borough at the moment, and the Council is always interested in the possibility of identifying other locations that merit conservation area status, and in revising the coverage of the conservation areas that already exist.

How do they affect me?

Land and buildings within conservation areas are affected in three main ways:

  • The council's permission (Conservation area consent) is needed for any demolition of a building
  • Anyone who wishes to fell or do other work to a tree must give the council six weeks notice of their intention
  • The council uses its powers under Planning Legislation, with the intention of ensuring that alterations and new buildings preserve or enhance the Conservation Area's character.

What is an Article 4(2) Direction?

An Article 4 Direction gives planning authorities greater power to control some development where there are special reasons for doing so. This means that planning permission has to be obtained for a greater number of alterations to existing buildings, other new buildings, and some works to land. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any application that you may have within an Article 4(2) Direction, or would like some advice from us.

How will it affect you and your property?

Planning permission needs to be sought before carrying out certain works. This is in addition to the things for which you already need to obtain planning permission, listed building and conservation area consent.

How will it benefit?

An area in which physical change is carefully designed to respect architectural and historic interest is an attractive place in which to work. Moreover, a good quality environment can mean better-that-average property values.

List of current conservation areas

Conservation area


Designation date/
Date of last amendment



25 March 1980

Arboretum (Walsall)


19 April 1989

Bloxwich High Street


18 October 2002

Bloxwich Park


13 December 1989

Bradford Street

5.97 ha

17 April 1991

Bridge Street

7.21 ha

13 July 1983

Caldmore Green


18 March 1987

Church Hill

20.66 ha

9 March 1979


6.86 ha

7 February 1977

Elmore Green (Bloxwich)

7.82 ha

19 April 1990

Great Barr

774.42 ha

12 January 1996


10.13 ha

12 October 1994

Lichfield Street

10.71 ha

6 July 1988

Old Pelsall

4 03ha

20 August 1986

Old Rushall

6.97 ha

26 October 1983

Pelsall Common

51.50 ha

2 March 1979

Walsall Locks

5.54 ha

18 March 1987


7.71 ha

28 January 1977