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Sexual health

Sex can be an important part of our lives and it can bring up lots of feelings. It can be exciting, fun and loving, but nerves and worries can also be part of the mix. It's important that we're ready to make that next step.

What is good sexual health?

Throughout our teens (and sometimes earlier) we experience a lot of physical and emotional changes.

Sexual health is an important part of our overall health. When we feel good about ourselves, we usually make better decisions. To live a healthy lifestyle we should feel good mentally, emotionally and physically. Good sexual health is not just sex, it means that we understand:

  • consensual relationships and sex
  • how to avoid infections
  • how to take responsibility
  • how to protect ourselves and others, both physically and emotionally
  • personal hygiene
  • sexuality
  • that relationship should be free of pressure, discrimination and violence
  • the right to be treated with respect

Advice and guidance about sexual health

You can use these local resources to get support. They can help you make the right decisions for you.

Chat Health text service: 07480 635363 (confidential and anonymous)

Duty line (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm): 01922 423349

A new NHS resource for people of all ages in Walsall which can give you free information and support.

Services provided at this clinic include:

  • full screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • HIV screening and screening for other blood borne infections
  • HIV treatment, counselling and support, partner notification and contact screening and treatment

It also provides guidance around the full range of contraceptive methods, including:

  • emergency contraception
  • insertion of IUD/S (coils) and contraceptive implants
  • pregnancy testing
  • chlamydia screening
  • condoms

It also offers specialist clinics for:

  • GUM procedures
  • biopsies
  • genital skin conditions
  • erectile dysfunction
  • advice for sexual assault victims

Find out more, including how to get in touch, on the WiSH website.

The service offers support for:

  • teenage parents aged 13-19
  • young parents with special educational needs or a disability up to age 21
  • prevention of teenage pregnancy for young people under 18

Support services provide young parents, parents-to-be and their children holistic support that focuses on their health and well-being.

Visit the website to find out more.

WPH offer free condoms, pregnancy testing and general counselling.

Visit the website to find out more.

Further help

These national organisations can also support you:

Sexual health, contraception and pregnancy

Sexuality and gender

  • Mermaids provides impartial advice and guidance to gender diverse children, young people and their families (Phone: 020 8123 4819 Mon to Sat, 3pm to 7pm)
  • Switchboard is a dedicate telephone and chat helpline that gives advice and guidance around LGBT+ and sexual health (Email Switchboard LGBT+)
  • Stonewall will give you coming out advice and support

Sexual abuse

  • The NSPCC can help with simple conversations to keep your child safe from sexual abuse

Mental wellbeing and relationships

  • Kooth is an online mental wellbeing community providing free, safe and anonymous support
  • EasySRE provides advice and guidance around relationships, sex education and wellbeing for 4 - 18 year olds and their families
  • Talk the Talk provides resources to help parents and carers more successfully talk to their children about relationships and sex

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