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Corporate Management Team

The Corporate Management Team comprises:
Chief Executive
Dr Helen Paterson
Children’s Services, Executive Director 
Sally Rowe
Economy, Environment & Communities, Executive Director  
Simon Neilson
Resources and Transformation, Interim Executive Director   
Deborah Hindson
Adult Social Care, Executive Director   
Kerrie Allward
Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Anthony Cox
Director of Public Health


Stephen Gunther
The role of the Corporate Management Team is:
To provide visible officer leadership to ensure that the Council’s vision and corporate objectives are delivered.
To ensure that the Council acts as one organisation to identify and take opportunities to work effectively internally and also in collaboration with key partners.
To promote and ensure excellence in respect of customer service, people management, corporate governance, performance management, financial management and control, risk management and change management. To prioritise management action and allocate resources accordingly.