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Reduce your energy and disposal bills

There are some simple ways to help reduce the energy use of your business:

  • use energy efficient light bulbs
  • replace equipment and machinery with more energy efficient models
  • turn the heating down by one degree, or replace heating with more energy efficient systems
  • carry out an energy audit
  • contact your energy provider for advice and energy deals
  • change your behaviour - for example turn off lights and machinery when you're not using them

Get help to reduce your carbon emissions

You can get more help with reducing your carbon emissions from the Carbon Trust. They can also help with interest free loans to replace or upgrade your premises or equipment.

Reduce your disposal bills

You have a duty of care to dispose of your business waste properly, in ways that do not pollute the environment. The Environmental Protection Act (Section 33) describes this duty.

Recycle your trade waste

We offer recycling collection contracts for these types of business waste:

  • office paper
  • cardboard
  • glass bottles and jars
  • newspapers and magazines

You will need to pay for this service. It is cheaper than other disposal contracts that send your waste to landfill sites. Contact us to find out more about our recycling collection service.

Reasons to reduce your waste

Reducing your business waste helps you to:

  • reduce waste costs and become more profitable
  • be more efficient with your use of resources
  • improve your reputation as a business with good environmental performance
  • follow the environmental laws and make sure you don't get prosecuted

How to reduce your waste

You can find lots of advice on how to reduce waste in BREW's business resource efficiency pack.

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