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Community Resilience

Many communities come together in times of need. Those who have spent time planning and preparing are often better able to cope with, and recover more quickly from, national and local emergencies. It is not about creating or identifying a whole new community network, or a one off response to or recovery from an incident, but rather an ongoing process of using and enhancing existing relationships to better improve the emergency preparedness of an area. Local voluntary organisations such as faith groups may already have resilience plans in place.


Community Resilience in Walsall

Walsall Council's Resilience team have designed a “Your Guide to Dealing with Emergencies” booklet. It was created to provide information for the residents, employees and businesses of Walsall. Hard copies of the booklet are available in libraries, schools and other public buildings or you can download an electronic version below.

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Flooding can happen without warning and have a huge impact on lives and businesses.  The council has no formal duty to provide sandbags but supports the Emergency Services in the event of a flood where it can.  The follow sites provide useful additional information.

Joint Public Health England and Environment Agency advice:

EA Flood Warning Information service:

Met Office weather updates:


Snow Champions

Are you fit and active with an interest in helping your community, then the snow champion programme could be for you?

Walsall Council recruit volunteers to help clear snow and ice from footpaths and walkways in their local community.

You will be provided with a high visibility vest, gloves, salt and a snow shovel to help you and your neighbours maintain access to your properties and local community facilities when weather conditions are poor.

The law doesn’t prevent you from clearing snow and ice on the footpaths outside your property or public spaces but anyone clearing footways should be careful, use common sense and don’t do anything which would make the footway more dangerous to use.

If you’re interested in becoming a snow champion it would be on a purely voluntary basis for the benefit of the wider community. You will need to declare that you are fit enough to participate and you need to be aware that the type of work you are volunteering for can often be physically demanding and tiring.

If you want to become a snow champion volunteer, we would ask that you complete the application/declaration form.

For further information please contact: