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Electoral Register

You can only vote in any local or parliamentary elections if your name appears on the electoral register.

Add your name to the register

Annual canvass

Our Electoral Registration Office revises the electoral register each year by carrying out the annual canvass. This usually happens in August. If we hold a current email address, we will contact you by email. Otherwise, we will write to you. We need to find out who is living in your household and confirm who is eligible to vote. We update the register based on your response. 

We ask you to carefully check that the infomation we hold is acccurate. If our records are correct, you don’t need to reply. If it’s incorrect, you can let us know online or contact us by phone. You should respond as quickly as possible. If you're joining the register for the first time, you can either register online or complete an individual registration form (IRF).

Two versions of the register

When you register to vote, your name will appear on two versions of the register: the full version and the open version. The full version is used for elections, crime prevention and credit checking. The open version is designed for general sale and is used for marketing and other commercial purposes.

Everyone’s details appear on the full version, but you can have your name removed from the open version by choosing to opt out. It is possible that if you have removed your name from the open register you may still receive marketing communications. If you don’t want to continue receiving them you should contact:

The Mailing Preference Service

How do I know if my name is on the register?

To check if your name appears on the electoral register, you can:

  • contact the Electoral Services Office
  • visit the office in person to inspect the register