Keeping children safe from harm is everyone's responsibility and our work as a partnership is key to our success in making a difference to children and their families.

To tackle this, in 2018 we launched our Neglect Strategy

As part of delivering this Strategy, Walsall Safeguarding Partnership is seeking a Walsall wide response to neglect.


What is Neglect?

Neglect is not an event; it is an absence of appropriate care often over a long period. It may be difficult to distinguish between neglect and material poverty but persistent failure to provide basic needs is integral to neglect. Some families may face great adversity, however aspects of neglect cannot be dismissed. Neglect is a serious form of maltreatment and can be life threatening.

Early identification and intervention stops children suffering unnecessary harm. Prevention and early help is also more cost-effective for services in the longer term.

The Neglect Strategy can be accessed here

Neglect Newsletters

Edition 1


Our Campaigns

Look Say Sing Play was launched on 11th July 2019 in Walsall!

The campaign aims to help parents have higher quality interactions with their baby, up to the age of two years, by giving sharing tips and encouraging parents to incorporate ‘serve and return’ engagement into their daily routines, where they can respond to their baby’s cues by talking, singing and playing with them

Powerpoints from the event can be acessed below:

LSSP Launch Presentation

Closing the Gap 


Please book on our free, Look Say Sing Play briefing Sessions to hear about you can get involved!  

Also look out for our Flyer for the Parent's launch on 2nd October at Walsall Art Gallery - coming soon!

3rd September North Locality

30th September South Locality

6th November East Locality

19th November West Locality