Domestic Violence and Abuse

The Cedar Centre is a new centre in Walsall supporting victims of abuse. The centre is based on values of protection and healing, offering a safe space to enable victims to rebuild their lives. You can contact the Cedar Centre on 01922 649 569.

The Walsall Independent Domestic Violence Advice service offers the nationally recognised IDVA service, supporting  high and medium risk victims of domestic abuse through one-to-one practical and emotional support and advocacy. You can read more about how an IDVA can help you here.

Getting help: Accessing the Service

Self referral: If you need help, get in touch with us on 01922 649 569. We will need to take some information over the phone and complete a referral form. We will then invite you to an initial appointment to see if the service is right for you.

Agency Referrals: To refer a victim of domestic abuse, agencies can contact 01922 649 569 or email  to request more information or referral forms.  


The Cedar Centre
The Rock Centre
27-31 Lichfield Street
Walsall, WS1 1TE