Child Sexual Exploitation 


Sexual Exploitation is when someone tricks you, manipulates you and maybe forces you to do something sexually for the benefit of themselves or others.

This person may act as your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, they could be your age, older, male or female, you may have known them a long time or they may be a new friend.

You may have met this person on line or through friends. But something is telling you this is not right, you need to listen to that feeling.

  • They may make you have sex or perform sexual acts on them or other people
  • They may blackmail you with pictures they have of you
  • They may make you watch things you do not want to see
  • They may encourage you to take and send naked images of yourself
  • They may encourage you to drink alcohol or take drugs
  • They might touch you which makes you feel uncomfortable

They may make you feel as though:

  • They love you
  • They care about you
  • Respect you and treat you like an adult
  • They may offer you a place to stay
  • They may offer you gifts, drugs, clothes, mobile phone

But although they make you feel special, they also:

  • Make you feel guilty
  • Threaten you or your family and friends
  • Blackmail you
  • Maybe violent towards you
  • Humiliate you and make you feel stupid

Useful links

The link below contains colour posters which are downloadable and details of activities children, young people, adults, practitioners and managers can get involved in.