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ACE's Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences - eLearning

Thursday, February 13, 2020

ACE's Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences - eLearning

Target Group: Level 1

This Multi-Agency training course aimed at practitioners, professionals and volunteers who work with children, young people and their families.


  • To Introduction to ACEs

  • Look at Brain Development in the Early Years 

  • Understand the Impact of Childhood Adversity 

  • Understand social, Health and Community Impacts of ACEs Early Trauma 

  • Look at Protective Factors 

  • Looking at ACEs Through a Trauma Informed Lens 

  • Have an understanding of building resilience 

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this training you will be able to:

  •  Identify adverse experiences that can impact on a child's development and their response to stress.

  • understand the importance of healthy brain development in a child’s early years and the impacts of toxic stress.

  • understand that experiencing adversity in childhood can have a significant impact over a person’s life course resulting in ill health, poor wellbeing and in some cases premature death.

  •  identify a range of social and community impacts resulting from ACEs.

  • give key examples of ‘Protective Factors’ that can help prevent ACEs and different strategies that can help build resilience.

  • understand what it means to look at adverse childhood experiences through a ‘trauma informed lens’.

  •  understand how building resilience can help mitigate the impact of ACEs.

To complete this course please access the link below:

ACE's Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences