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Welcome to Walsall Council's Winter page. Here you will find links to useful information to help keep you safe and well during the winter period.



Our crews treat an established network of key roads across the borough. Salt is spread depending on the severity of the weather. As soon as we receive an alert from our weather service, MeteoGroup UK, our crews set off from the depot to ensure we can keep Walsall moving. If you would like to find out more, follow this link.


View gritting routes here



Potholes occur when water seeps down through minor faults in the road surface and freezes during severe weather. As the water freezes, it expands causing damage to the road surface. When the ice thaws, the action of vehicles driving over it can cause rapid deterioration causing a pothole. We aim to repair potholes as quickly as possible. After a spell of severe weather, our road repair crews are very busy. To keep our crews on the road, you can help us by reporting online rather than calling on the phone. If you would like to report a pothole, follow this link



When conditions are difficult, our bin crews will not jeopardise public safety by driving heavy vehicles down icy roads. As a consequence, some streets may miss a collection. We will endeavour to return to the street as soon as possible. If your bin was the only one in your street to be missed, you can report it by following this link


School Closures

It is the decision of the Head Teacher/Governing Body to close a school. Parents and pupils will be informed through agreed channels. This may be a text message from the school or a message posted on the school's social media channel. If you have not received a message via these channels, it is safe to assume that the school is open for the day.


Staying Well

Severe weather can cause difficulties, particularly for vulnerable people such as the elderly. The NHS has brought together some useful advice which you can access by following this link