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Weathering the storm in a changing climate

Weathering the storm - saving and making money in a changing climate

Small and medium-sized businesses in the West Midlands now have help preparing for climate change, while making and saving money – thanks to a new business guide.

‘Weathering the Storm – saving and making money in a changing climate’ has practical advice, checklists and case studies for small and medium businesses to help them take action to prepare for hotter drier summers, and more intense rainfall.

This new guide takes businesses through a series of questions about flooding, extreme heat, shortage of water and other disruptions and comes up with some simple actions about how they can be addressed or prepared for.

The guide also looks at the various aspects of business life and how they may be affected, such as insurance, people, utilities, IT, suppliers, stock and raw material.

As well as businesses it gives advice and guidance to agricultural and horticultural rural outlets on how they can take action to adapt to the changing climate.

There are a number of simple tips on how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint while saving money, such as cutting lighting costs by 15 per cent by switching lights off in empty rooms, or saving £15 a year per computer by switching them off out of hours and enabling standby features when inactive during the day.

Shelly Beckett, West Midlands’ Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator, said: “Planning for climate change makes good business sense. In what is already a tough time for small businesses it is essential that businesses know how to maximise the benefits and cut the costs of a changing climate. With straight-forward advice, local case studies and simple checklists this guide will ensure that businesses are well placed to weather the storm and turn adversity into opportunity.”

A full list of organisations that can help and contact details are included in the brochure, so businesses can find out more information to save costs, while doing their bit for the environment.

For further information please contact:

Shelly Beckett /Julie Fay
WM Regional Climate Change Adaptation Coordinators
WM Climate Change Adaptation Partnership.