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We’re beginning to restart library services…

This is our first stage, enabling you to return books and borrow new items safely.


Returning your books

All books currently on loan have now been renewed until 30th November 2020, so you don't need to worry about rushing to return them. Also any fines are still frozen from 19th March until 30th November.

If you're ready to return your books, you can now drop them back to return bins in the foyers of all District Libraries and Walsall Council House, weekdays 10am to 4pm (except Bloxwich District Library, Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm).

Following Public Health guidelines, all books will be quarantined for 72 hours after return before being discharged from your account.


Ring & Read: “we select, you collect”



How does Ring & Read work?

  • Use our simple Ring & Read e-form - or you can phone or e-mail your local library.

  • Tell us your Library Card number and the type of books or authors you read.

  • Tell us how many books you want (up to ten).

  • We’ll choose a set of books for you, to keep until 30th November.

  • We'll agree a mutually convenient date and time for you to collect  them from the library foyer.

  • We'll have the books specially bagged-up ready for you, for safe, non-contact collection.


It's quicker to use our simple Ring & Read e-form to tell us what you want.

If you prefer, you can also ring or e-mail your local library:


You can also contact Mobile Library Services, to collect your books from some mobile library stops:


What's different?

At the moment the only access is to the library foyer, so we aren't yet able to offer:

  • Browsing of stock

  • PC access

  • Photocopying and printing

  • Toilet facilities or baby-changing


What about Reservations or requesting particular titles?

We aren't able to offer a reservation service during this first phase, but any reservations already awaiting collection prior to lockdown will still be available. Staff will telephone you if you have a book awaiting collection.

Owing to high numbers of items in quarantine and books being dispersed across libraries, it isn't possible to request particular titles as part of Ring & Read. We'll try to meet your requirements as best we can. We may not always get it right, but we hope to introduce you to new books and authors you'll enjoy.


Summer Reading Challenge

Children aged 4-11 can take part in this year's "Silly Squad" Summer Reading Challenge with our Ring & Read service. We have all the usual goodies, collector's wallets, stickers, certificates - and, most importantly, the medals! 



Summer Reading Challenge via Ring & Read

  • You need to read six books (or more) to meet the Challenge.

  • Phone or e-mail a library offering Ring & Read.

  • Tell us you're interested in the Summer Reading Challenge. 

  • Tell us your Library Card number and the type of books you like.

  • We’ll choose some books we think you'll enjoy.

  • We'll agree a convenient date and time for you to collect  them from the library foyer.

  • We'll have the books in a Ring & Read bag for you to collect them safely.


This year there's also a Digital Summer Reading Challenge, with "Silly Squad" eBooks from our BorrowBox service - and watch out for us on Facebook and Twitter.


Remember our 24/7 Online Library is always open!

We have more than ever available online for you at our 24/7 Online Library, including:

  • eBooks and eAudiobooks

  • eNewspapers and eMagazines

  • eComics and graphic novels