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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games - Opportunities

24 February 2020

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games - Opportunities


Over the next three years Birmingham 2022 will recruit over 1,000 people to deliver the Commonwealth Games 2022, providing important employment and economic benefits to the city and region and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for job seekers and professionals at all levels. 

All job opportunities will appear on the website when available.




Birmingham 2022 need more than 10,000 volunteers to come together to help organise, run and manage this dramatic event. The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will bring people from all walks of life together, be they athletes from far-away countries, or neighbours from across the West Midlands. From skilled roles in technology, sport and medical areas, to the thousands of roles we need to fill that require no formal training, the volunteer application process will formally open in 2021.

Register your interest below to be the first to hear about the Volunteering programme.



2022 Community Programme

Birmingham 2022 will be looking for ambitious, innovative community projects that support a diverse range of subjects. These might be projects that aim to improve skills, offer training, provide volunteering resource, benefit the environment, encourage participation in sport, deliver social value or activities for young people.

The Community Programme will enable non-commercial projects, initiatives and events to align with the ambitions of Birmingham 2022, be recognised for the work they are doing, and use the new community brand logo to amplify their activity in their communications, at events, and in the media.

If you think your community project supports our mission, please register your interest below to be the first to hear more about the programme launch in Spring 2020.


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