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Walsall College Adult Course Guide 2021/22

29 July 2021

Walsall College Adult Course Guide 2021/22

Power Your Future

Our futures are much more rewarding when we have the power to shape what’s coming. Powering your future means having more control, more freedom and more choices. These are all things we offer at Walsall College. Every year, 5,000 students aged 19 and over choose to power up with us. The skills they develop improve their job prospects and career progression opportunities, giving them a new purpose in life. You can do the same. How? With qualifications that start at entry level and go right up to university and professional industry level. There are lots of ways to learn with us. On-site and online, daytime or evening. Our distance learning courses mean you can even study as and when you are able to. For those of you working towards a degree, we have a range of higher education courses; all with lower tuition fees, smaller class sizes and greater access to resources. These are right on your doorstep, so your travel costs are a lot less too. No matter what your ambitions are – a job, career change, promotion, or hobby – we will be with you every step of the way, guiding and encouraging you. So why not apply now.