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Motivate Your Mind Workshops

30 September 2020

Motivate Your Mind Workshops

These workshops are open to all women of working age living in the borough of Walsall and currently unemployed.

Workshop One: 6th October 2020
An introduction to mental health and the importance of focusing on your well-being.

Workshop Two: 13th October 2020
Take practical steps to manage your mind-set to achieve a more positive mental attitude.

Workshop Three: 20th October 2020
Exploring the link between mental health and employment, as well as effective job search tips.

Workshop Four: 22nd October 2020
Discover more about the relationship between physical and mental health, and developing personal resilience.


Please note, to benefit fully from these workshops you will need to attend all 4 sessions. To register your free place, please contact Ayesha Farooq on 07375 479141 or email: ayesha.farooq@stepstowork.co.uk


Download our flyer here:

Motivate Your Mind Workshops

Motivate Your Mind Workshops - Digital