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Partner Awards

Walsall Works Team

Delivering social value for the people of Walsall

Walsall Council is committed to reducing inequalities and maximising potential in the borough.

Through the Walsall Works Partner Awards, we recognise the contribution of those businesses and organisations that share our aims and actively work to improve the lives of Walsall residents.


A quality mark for social value

By winning an award, our partners have not only demonstrated a commitment to Walsall’s people but also taken the initiative by embedding social value in their day-to-day work.

The Silver and Gold Partner Awards stand as a quality mark for engagement with the local community and the delivery of social value. Every partner has completed activities that help support each of the following important areas

  • Creating and sustaining employment for local people
  • Helping local people to increase their skills and improve their employability
  • Creating more opportunities for local companies through supply chains
  • Supporting Walsall's most vulnerable residents to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Helping local schools to raise aspiration and improve educational attainment
  • Supporting community-managed facilities and developing community-based initiatives
  • Increasing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace

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Becoming a Walsall Works Partner

To become a Silver or Gold Partner, we ask that you demonstrate the activities that you have carried out for each of the criteria areas.

While you may have been active in a number of these already, we are happy to help facilitate further commitments and match you with the right organisations to help your realise your social value aims.

The application process for Silver and Gold Partner status is straightforward and involves completing an application form which can be found via the link below. Please include as much information as you can as this submission will be assessed to see if you qualify for either Silver or Gold Partner status.

For expert advice about delivering social value and to learn more about the process, please contact us on 01922 654353 or email  walsallworks@walsall.gov.uk

Download the 2020 Walsall Works Partner Award Application

Partner rewards Document