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Apprenticeship Grant - Training Providers

Walsall Works is aimed at helping eligible employers to offer employment through an apprenticeship programme, by providing them a financial incentive payment towards wages to assist employers in recruiting apprentices.

Since 2012, Walsall Works have provided over 650 grants to Walsall businesses taking on local young people.

These financial incentives are to unlock new apprenticeships in businesses with fewer than 250 staff that work in our ‘growth sectors’ of Manufacturing and Engineering, Construction and Environmental Technologies, Financial and Business Services, Creative and Digital Services, Health and Social Care and Logistics.


  • The Employer must pay rates to Walsall MBC and have less than 250 staff
  • The Apprentice must live in the Walsall MBC area
  • Apprentice must be employed a minimum of 35 hours
  • Grant is dependant on the age and minimum wage of the apprentice listed below
    • £3,000 for employers taking on a young person aged 16 or 17 at a rate of £4.35 per hour
    • £4,500 for employers taking on a young person aged 18 to 20 at a rate of £6.15 per hour
    • £6,000 for employers taking on a young person aged 21 to 24 at a rate of £7.70 per hour


How can training providers support Walsall Works?

We are looking to engage with training providers who have an approximate success rate of 75%. This will be measured on assessing the success rate in the Sector in which the training provider is wishing to the deliver the apprenticeship framework.

Which training providers are able to support Walsall Works?

We are aiming to engage with all training providers who are based or who can deliver apprenticeship standards in the Walsall borough. Only training providers on the Register of Apprentice Training Providers (RoATP) will be eligible to deliver as part of the Walsall Works programme.

How will employers receive the incentive payment?

Quality assured training providers will be responsible for processing payments to employers. Employers will receive the incentive in three payments.

Do I have to be a registered approved supplier on Walsall Council’s system?

In order to make a payment you will have to be registered on Walsall Council’s supplier list. This is a short process that will be managed by us and will take place once you have signed an agreement.

How many young people can I place into apprenticeships?

There is no limit on the number of young people you can place into apprenticeship opportunities. You will only receive the incentive payment for those young people and employers who are eligible for the programme.

How to register

To register your interest in becoming a Walsall Works training provider, contact the Walsall Works team on 01922 654353 or via email at walsallworks@walsall.gov.uk