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Supporting Employers

Walsall Works is an award-winning initiative funded by Walsall Council designed to stimulate job creation and economic growth within local businesses.   We do this by working closely with businesses to unlock opportunities and by ensuring local people have the right skills to access jobs, apprenticeships and work placements within the local labour market.  Our core aim is to raise the ambition and aspiration of our residents through bespoke recruitment and support packages that match local people into local employment, thus creating economic growth for all.

Established in 2012, Walsall Works is a respected brand having supported over a 1000 Businesses with their recruitment needs at no cost. 

Walsall Works continues to source a broad range of jobs and apprenticeships from local employers across all sectors and in particular those identified as having employment growth potential.

We provide a free diagnostic service to employers to explore ways in which to support their business expansion and recruitment plans, address current staffing needs or planning for future workforce development.   We offer a free end-to-end recruitment service to local employers to help you source the right candidate for job vacancies in your business. Whether you are looking to expand your Business or attract new employees, we provide easy solutions to help take some of the hassle and cost out of finding the right candidate.

In addition, we are keen to engage with any Business who is reducing their workforce and planning redundancies due to economic conditions. 

In Summary wet in touch if you need any support or information with:

  • Recruitment support
  • Pre-Employment Training tailored to meet the needs of your Business
  • Skills support or reskilling for your existing workforce
  • Work placements or Internships
  • Redundancy Support
  • Helping you to create social value through projects and volunteering in the local community
  • Access to Business Growth, including re-location, green efficiency, innovation and research and development


For more information please contact Walsall Works on 01922 654353 or email walsallworks@walsall.gov.uk