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Supporting Employers


Despite the COVID-19 outbreak lockdown, Walsall Works is still operating to respond to employer needs on the recruitment of essential job roles.  If you require assistance, we offer a free recruitment service and are able to promote and match local people looking into employment.   For those businesses who have ceased trading, please redirect your employees to our website and they will find current and live vacancies.  We are seeing an unprecedented demand for jobs in retail, logistics and social care.  

We are also making an urgent request to release Forklift drivers and LGV drivers so that they can support the supermarket and logistics sector to continue to move food and other essential goods to supermarkets, pharmacies and to the homes of our most vulnerable residents.  If you can help to fill these roles please contact us immediately.

If you can assist or would like more information please email walsallworks@walsall.gov.uk or call our hotline on 07557 496421 or visit our job pages at the link https://go.walsall.gov.uk/walsallcom/Walsall-Works/Works-Jobs

In addition, One Walsall the voice of the voluntary sector in Walsall, is seeking support from anyone who can support local people in communities with deliveries, servicing food banks and collecting food and prescriptions for those in need.   Express your interest by completing the form at https://onewalsall.org/



Supporting Employers

Walsall Works is an award-winning initiative funded by Walsall Council designed to unlock jobs and create the conditions for sustainable employment growth within local businesses.   We do this by working closely with employers to unlock opportunities and by ensuring local people have the right attitude and skills to access jobs, apprenticeships and work placements in the local labour market.  Our core aim is to raise the ambition and aspiration of our residents through bespoke support packages that assist people to consider and enter into education, training or employment.

Established in 2012, Walsall Works is a respected brand having supported 1000’s of employers with their recruitment needs at no cost.   The programme has a reputation of meeting the needs of employers, training providers, partners and residents in pursuit of economic growth for all.  

We have secured multi-million pounds of funding which has enabled 3,785 local people to access apprenticeships, jobs and training within and outside the borough.  Seeking to build on this success, Walsall Works continues to source a broad range of jobs and apprenticeships from local employers across all sectors and in particular those identified as expanding their workforce or having employment growth potential.

We provide a free diagnostic service to employers to explore ways in which to support their business expansion and recruitment plans, address current staffing needs or planning for future workforce development.   We offer a free end-to-end recruitment service to local employers to help you source the right candidate for job vacancies in your business. Whether you are looking to expand your company or attract new employees, we provide easy solutions to help take some of the hassle and cost out of finding candidates.

In addition, our impartial information advice guidance service is available to our residents, including those who are working, those seeking help with getting back into employment, those looking for a career change or wanting to improve their skills to progress in their current role.   In particular, we are keen to engage with any employer who is reducing their workforce and planning redundancies due to changes in business operations.  

For more information please contact Walsall Works on 01922 654353 or email walsallworks@walsall.gov.uk


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Employment Services

A bespoke tailored employment recruitment service will be offered to meet your individual business needs at no cost to you.  We will advertise your job vacancies on our website, promote your opportunities to potential applicants, job match to interested clients, sift applications, short-list suitable candidates and support you through the interviewing process.


Sector Based Academies

Pre-employment programmes with a guaranteed interview for interested local unemployed people may be a solution to fill vacancies that are hard to fill or when you struggle to attract candidates.



Grants and wage subsidies may be available when recruiting local apprentices across all key business sectors.   We will help you find suitable training providers to create apprenticeship opportunities and help you access suitable candidates.



We will help you create pre-employment programmes that prepare unemployed people for jobs within your company. You will decide on the content of these programmes with will include specific job requirements and each one offering a guaranteed interview for interested local people.


Skills Development

We will provide you access to government funding for short courses for new employees and existing employees, helping you to meet your workforce development needs. These courses include units towards full qualifications or bitesize taster courses in specific areas.



We can offer you access to a full range of free training opportunities, whether these be industry specific certificates (e.g. CSCS, SIA, DBS) or full vocational qualifications for existing employees.


Work Placements

Unpaid work trials from a pool of interested applicants that offers you a ‘try before you buy’.   We will help you set up work placements, advertise these, help recruit and assess if the applicant is suitable for any future roles within your company at no cost to you as well as giving people valuable work experience.