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Case Studies

20 January 2021

Walsall Works Case Study - Venita Smith

Venita heard about Walsall Works at the 2019 EXPO.  She enrolled herself and her support began in September 2019  with her Employment Advisor, Anthony Robinson.  They arranged to meet at the Walsall Travel Shop (pictured) and during her initial action plan and rapport-building session, Venita stated her main aspirations was to gain an Environmental Health qualification equivalent to the one she gained in the Bahamas. She said that she was open to jobs and apprenticeships, also working as a Postal Worker or Special Constable.  Anthony found out as much as he could about her circumstances and started to build great rapport with her.  Anthony reviewed her CV and they agreed it needed some work and action was taken to improve this.                    

Anthony Robinson, Employment Advisor – Walsall Travel Shop


Anthony identified some jobsites that Venita could use to job search for apprenticeships and jobs and gave her some Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) on how to effectively job search.  They discussed various training courses and agreed that she would need to decide which one she would like to pursue and Anthony would try to source a training provider for her.  They met on a number of occasions and Venita was very proactive but often changed the direction she wanted to go in. These included Environmental Health, Mentoring, Special Constable and Employment Advisor.  

Anthony offered Venita a number of training opportunities;

  • A Back to Work course on their Digital Skills and Complete Training which included confidence building and employability;
  • An Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching Level 5 with BOLC;
  • JCP Work coach Pre-Employment training with Go Train with support on the application process;
  • Volunteer Mentoring with Volunteering Matters;
  • Level 2 Food Safety, Level 2 Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Equality and diversity at Job Change.

A great relationship was built over the past months and Venita made great progress with her employability skills. That coupled with her numerous training and qualifications made her very ready to secure a job.  

On the 3rd March 2020, Venita secured a job as a Civil Enforcement officer with Marston Holdings. The role was close to one of her aspiration goals of becoming a Special Constable. Venita said that she still has other aspirations but is happy with her current role offer.   Venity thanked Anthony for all his help and stills stays in touch.