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Walsall finds itself in a remarkable position.

The publication of the Walsall Town Centre Masterplan provided a creative and bold re-imagining of the type of place that Walsall Town Centre could become.

Now, unprecedented levels of government investment and support from a range of influential partners allow us to begin to make that vision a reality.

We have been afforded a once-in-a-generation opportunity and the council and it's partners will be harnessing the imagination and creativity of Walsall people to transform the historic market town centre of Walsall into a peaceful and prosperous place that empowers its wider residents, encourages enterprise and welcomes visitors to share in a creative and sustainable future. 

The award of £23.5m from the government's Town Deal Fund and the provision of £750k of Accelerated Funds has allowed us to begin work at once on a range of interventions to improve the built environment as well as provide additional reassurance in the form of enhanced CCTV.

Use the links below to learn more about the phases of the project and we will update this site as new schemes are developed.

The images shown were developed in the early stages of the Masterplan and are only indicative of the changes that are proposed. More detailed plans will be published as the projects are developed.