Walsall Town Centre Masterplan

 A comprehensive masterplan that will provide a framework for physical change in Walsall Town Centre over the next 15-20 years.


The masterplan will build upon the allocations promoted in the adopted Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan. The masterplan will be:

creative and bold in re-imagining the type of place that Walsall town centre could become while still retaining its status as the strategic centre for the borough, set against the national context of town centre trends, impacts and opportunities.



Nationally town centres are facing a period of change with well-known challenges and demands as a result of changes in the way we shop and use our High Streets. 

Despite these challenges, over the last 10 years, the Council and its partners have successfully secured significant amounts of development and investment totalling over £425million; delivering new retail, leisure, office, transport improvements, health, and education and securing over 2,500 new jobs.  



Linked to the objectives in the Council’s Corporate Plan, the Masterplan will provide an important opportunity to continue to reflect on emerging national trends and the associated impacts and develop a holistic plan which is transformational in its vision and proposals.

Walsall has a strong, proud identity and rich history with many positive assets. The plan will build on our town centre’s strengths; helping to encourage further planned investment in the town centre, ensuring Walsall is a liveable centre and it will focus on improvements to include;

  • The creation of a strong visual and physical links between transport hubs and key town centre locations including legible, intuitive wayfinding.
  • Provision of a more balanced mix of quality retail, leisure, educational and employment uses to meet changing trends, create night time activity and attract new visitors and residents;
  • Provision of high quality public realm - Develop a linked series of quality public spaces within different character zones which provide the opportunity for people to pause and relax in a sociable setting;
  • Creation of high quality, legible transport hubs and a positive sense of arrival to the town;
  • Re-defining of highways to provide better pedestrian and cycle access between the town centre and key facilities including the arboretum and Walsall College; and
  • Promotion of a balanced residential offer which meets the housing need for all and attracts new residents to Walsall.‚Äč



Walsall Council appointed consultants Arcadis in September 2018 to lead on creating the Masterplan for Walsall town centre.  The Masterplan work will be completed by the end of June 2019.



Contact the Development Team at development@walsall.gov.uk