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Walsall Town Centre Masterplan

 A comprehensive framework for physical change in Walsall Town Centre over the next 15-20 years.

The masterplan builds on the allocations promoted in the adopted Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan. The masterplan is a creative and bold re-imagining of the type of place that Walsall town centre could become while still retaining its status as the strategic centre for the borough, set against the national context of town centre trends, impacts and opportunities.



“Walsall will have the healthiest town centre in the country where people are proud to live and work within a healthy environment and balanced economy.

Centred on its historic high street and role as a regional market town Walsall will attract visitors based on its leisure and culture offers; including its internationally significant art gallery. The town centre environment will be easily navigable with healthy streets, which encourage walking and cycling and maximise the value of significant public spaces through regular events and activities”.

The ambition to become the healthiest town centre in the UK considers and addresses all of the elements which make a ‘healthy town’  from a vibrant economy, low vacancy rates, a diverse range of uses, including high quality town centre living, leisure attractions and an evening economy for all.  It would provide positive experiences for visitors within a safe, clean and attractive environment.

Over the next 20 years the Vision will be delivered through a number of interventions:

 ◾A Greener Public Realm – Urban greening and creating green links to the town centre

◾A Prominent Railway Station – Create a railway station, concourse / arrival, raising the profile

◾Connected Hubs – Improve links between the railway station and bus stations

◾St Matthew’s Quarter – Introduce an alternative anchor / draw / attractor in St Matthew’s Quarter

◾Enhanced Market – Enhance the Market and give it a clear role and location in the future of the town

◾Waterfront Square – Enhanced Waterfront space outside the New Art Gallery, to activate this area, use for events and enhance connectivity between Park Street and the Wharf area

◾Challenge Block – Develop the Challenge health centre

◾St Paul’s Square – Public realm the area in front the Church

◾Crossing the Ring Road – Key connections to the north of the town from the town centre to the College, Gigaport and Arboretum

◾Cenotaph Square - Creation of new public space in Bradford Place centred around The Cenotaph

You can view the Masterplan HERE

Contact the Development Team at development@walsall.gov.uk