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Walsall operates a customer and business-friendly planning charter to make development and the planning process as straightforward and fit for purpose as possible. We provide:

  • Policy and development plans that give clarity and certainty over development opportunities and investment decisions.
  • Suitable and holistic pre-planning application advice to meet our customers’ needs, including a ‘Development Team’ service for major projects.
  • Partnership working with customers and stakeholders to bring forward robust applications and prestigious development.
  • Assistance where possible to understand and work through scheme deliverability and viability matters.
  • Determination of valid planning applications in a comprehensive, accurate and timely manner and notification of decisions in the shortest period of time possible.
  • Regular reviews of our service performance in partnership with our customers.

Further information on our planning services, including policies, plans, consultation and submissions process, can be found at: https://www.walsall.gov.uk/planning

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