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09 June 2021

Impact Case Study - Through the Pandemic

“A”, from Willenhall was enrolled onto the Black Country Impact Programme at Willenhall JCP after his Work Coach Malcolm referred him to gain support dealing with some personal issues and gaining employment.

During the time of creating “A”’s individual development plan it was clear to see that “A” had a caring nature and genuinely wanted to help people. “A” demonstrated this through his volunteering work with the St Johns Ambulance Service, however “A” had some personal issues that he was dealing with and needed support overcoming them. “A”s long term aspiration was to become a Paramedic however this was now put on hold with some shorter term goals to achieve first.

The impact advisor provided information advice and guidance to help “A” overcome his issues through regular appointments and a whole host of techniques to address the challenges that he was facing in turn getting him ready for employment. A now more confident “A” still partially dealing with his challenges felt more confident and optimistic with taking on the challenge of gaining employment.

During “A”s appointments it was agreed to support him with his mental health via Murray Hall and a request was submitted. He was also provided with a list of local Care Companies that Walsall Works produced and agreed to start calling them forwarding his CV and cover letter to enquire about their current Support/Care Worker employment opportunities. After several speculative phone calls the exercise proved to be fruitful and “A” was invited to be interviewed by 5 Care Services. On completions of his interview “A” was successful and received a conditional offer pending the usual checks.

At the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic “A” was faced with the challenge of making the choice of pursuing the offer of employment or putting this offer hold until he had received the counselling support from Murray Hall however in true selfless fashion “A” unquestionable decided to go full steam ahead with the offer of employment as “A” felt that this would be an excellent time to start his employment journey whilst helping the most in need during this challenging time.

A DBS request was submitted to the programme management team and “A” was supported with gaining this. He then went on to provide the necessary references and on confirmation he was issued a start date, he then went on to carry out the 5 Care Services mandatory induction / shadowing gaining his first official shift during the Pandemic.

The advisor has been in regular contact with “A” during his employment and has fed back that he is thoroughly enjoying his new role and extends his gratitude to everyone that has supported him in his journey gaining this employment.