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09 June 2021

Impact Case Study - Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

“A” had been in receipt of universal credit for nearly a year before his work coach referred him to Black Country Impact. “A” had been struggling following a car accident whereby he severely fractured his wrist and was no longer able to continue in his driving job.  The accident affected his health as he felt he had lost his independence and in turn was not able to figure out his future options.  “A” was very disheartened, lacked motivation and at a low point. “A” had also started to indulge in smoking, this was also having an adverse effect on his health and wellbeing.

“A” first met Neena Rattu, an Employment Advisor at Bridle Court Jobcentre.  Neena was able to explain how the Black Country Impact programme could support him and help him progress into a career.  “A” wanted to work but did not know how to start and needed support and guidance. 

Through regular meetings, Neena started to discuss “A”’s career aspirations and gained an understanding of the barriers that were preventing “A” from progressing.  “A” was open and honest about his situation and came to realise that he lacked motivation and needed someone there to support him and set clear realistic goals for him.

The first step in moving forward for “A” was realising his barriers.  Neena started working with “A” to improve his employability skills and to explore career options.  Neena helped “A” to devise a new CV, capturing his skills, qualifications, experience and abilities.  This helped “A” to realise his strengths and helped to build his self-esteem and self-confidence. Neena also commenced with exploring different career options with “A” and he was able to identify that he was a practical, hands on person who enjoyed the outdoors.  This allowed Neena to source opportunities that he would be interested in.

A road traffic-marshalling course was identified by Neena, which “A” was very much interested in and keen to commence.  The course also had a guaranteed interview at the end, the course was ideal for “A” and he felt this was something that he could do and achieve. The course was procured by Black Country Impact.  “A” thoroughly enjoyed the course and upon completion attended an interview.  Neena helped “A” prepare for the interview by providing interview tips, discussing how best to present himself at the interview and talking about body language and the message it portrays.

Maintaining regular contact and keeping “A” motivated was a key in his success and the end result was employment with Highway Traffic management based in Birmingham.

The first intervention with Neena thought was very important, as it important to get “A” motivated, let him know what the expectation was and to and into a routine.  Neena had regular  one to one meetings with “A” at Bridle Court Job centre, Walsall Central library the at Skills UK.

It took a couple of months and regular contact for “A” to gain trust with his Advisor and open up more about his health issue and to be open about his barriers. Once “A” he started to attend his appointments regularly he became more positive about the future and motivated to achieve and secure something for himself.

The Road Traffic Management course via Vocation Training in Dudley was the key turning point for “A” as he had a goal in sight and was keen to achieve and secure employment.

“A” successfully completed the interview and was successful to commence employment the week after.

“A” is successfully in employment and has the motivation and confidence to succeed in the future and therefore has been exited from the Black Country Impact programme as a success.