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Case Studies

Black Country Impact is a programme for young people aged 16-29 who strice to overcome barriers to progression.

Real life-changing stories. Here are some of the fantastic stories of our programme participants.

Case Study 1 - Reformation

5 young people from Walsall overcame their life challenges and came together to produce their own film documentary called ‘Reformation’. They worked closely with their Impact advisor, to deliver a Media Production programme aimed at breaking down barriers to employment, education and training and building their confidence to help move them on to progressive opportunities The film attracted multimedia attention, a featured article in Express & Star and Chronicle newspapers, live open air interview on Radio WM and various social media. A 10 week film project, was commissioned by Black Country Impact for Open Lens Media to deliver bespoke training for the young people to acquire new skills in film making such as lighting, storyboard, editing and camera techniques, delivering innovative teaching methods in Film, Video, Radio and TV production.

Watch the video

Read the Express & Star story

Case Study 2 Chad gets on is bike

A bike, provided by Halfords is making a huge difference to Chad Bradley as he starts his dream job.

A number of health issues had made it difficult to get into employment but Chad has benefited from support from Black Country Impact Programme. Officers assisted with CV writing, job-seeking and boosting his personal confidence. As a result, Chad secured a work placement in the care profession and was then offered a job.

His caseworker discovered that Chad was undertaking a two-hour walk to get to his employers owing to his anxiety over taking public transport.

So an appeal was made to Halfords who were happy to help. Chad now cycles to work, is enjoying a rewarding job and is no longer dependant on benefits. 

Case Study 3 Jessica's media break

Jessica enrolled onto Black Country Impact. After graduating in a Media Degree, she struggled to gain employment. Jessica and her advisor discussed support requirements which included confidence building, interview techniques, c.v. update, job search and find relevant vacancies in the media sector. The advisor supported her with job searches, apprenticeships and customer service roles. The advisor also referred her to an employability course with LEAD.

LEAD did an employability course and covered areas in planning your career, cv development, job analysis, problem solving, money management and confidence building. Jessica enjoyed the course and found it beneficial. Throughout Jessica’s journey all barriers had been challenged and worked upon. Her Advisor found an apprenticeship for the role of a broadcasting junior content producer with a Radio station in Coventry, they both completed this application form together.

OUTCOME: Jessica was ecstatic when she received a call for an interview for the apprenticeship role (broadcasting junior content producer) in Coventry and was overwhelmed when she was appointed the role two days after her interview, she currently loves her job with a passion and is working in the sector she studied and worked so hard for. Great news Jessica!