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Corporate Social Responsibility


'It's not all about the bottom line: companies who give back can have better staff loyalty, engagement and productivity'

                                                                                                                          The Guardian, February 2018

Giving back may be the best way forward according to a recent article in The Guardian.

Journalist Seb Murray writes that there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the numerous benefits of undertaking CSR far outweigh any concerns over financial performance.

Committing to voluntary work in the community benefits not only residents but staff too.

Call it ‘the feel good’ factor if you like because it can do wonders for staff morale and, as a consequence, productivity.

Walsall Economic Board is beginning to map CSR work both current and planned with a view to providing a strategic lead to reduce duplication and ensure the widest possible benefits within the borough.

If your company is engaged in CSR work, we’d love to hear from you,

You can email us at walsalleconomicboard@walsall.gov.uk

Here is the chair of the Walsall Economic Board's CSR group,  Tarra Simmons to explain why CSR is important to Mid Counties Cooperative and Walsall:


You can read the terms of reference of the Walsall Economic Board CSR Group below:  

Terms of Reference

Walsall Economic BoardWalsall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Group


The CSR Group operates under the umbrella of the Walsall Economic Board, and takes responsibility for the development and implementation of all delegated work-streams.   



In the delivery of this role, the Walsall CSR Group will bring together stakeholders from across Walsall’s business, public and voluntary sectors to collectively examine and establish ways of collaboratively working together in the delivery of these work-streams.

The CSR Group seeks to develop positive and productive relationships between key projects, stakeholders and local strategic plans, supporting the Locality Partnership Model. In this way, the Group will aim to support CSR activity within Walsall and maximise the benefits it can bring to achieving the strategic priorities for the borough.


Membership & Role: 

The CSR Group will be chaired by a member of the Walsall Economic Board (WEB) and updates of progress will be made to the WEB as and when required. 

Attendance will comprise representatives of key partners from across Walsall’s business, public and voluntary sectors; these may change as priorities are established. Subject matter experts may be invited to join and additional attendees may be invited based on their skillset, knowledge and experience.

Accountability of the subgroup will be into the Walsall Economic Board, with secretariat and officer support provided through the Economy & Environment Directorate of Walsall Council, together with any funding secured or required to support the group’s activities.

The CSR Group will meet on a quarterly basis or more frequently as projects require. The administration and management will be supported by officers including the Programme Manager (ESF & Projects) and Head of Programme Management, Economy & Environment Directorate. This support includes the development and maintenance of the supporting web-based tools and secretariat duties.


There are no budgetary responsibilities or control held by the CSR group, however the group are able to request financial support in the delivery of agreed work-streams into the Economy & Environment (E & E) Directorate and other organisations. The E & E Directorate will then seek financial and other resources wherever possible to assist in the delivery of the CSR Group’s activities. As a minimum, a budget will be made available to cover basic room hire and refreshment costs for meetings, together with any agreed awareness raising activities required.        


The CSR Group will be responsible for establishing where added value can be achieved, enabling a collaborative working approach across a number of activities:

  1. Establishing and managing the delivery of a maximum of three projects each year, to focus combined efforts that stakeholders can support to achieve measurable differences through a variety of approaches such as volunteering, skills sharing etc 
  1. Through better communication, raising awareness of the positive opportunities and impacts that working collaboratively across all sectors can achieve.
  1. Encouraging Walsall businesses to participate in targeted CSR activity and to understand the business benefits this promotes.
  1. Establishing where efficiencies can be realised, and duplication avoided, through greater communication and better relationships across the sectors.
  1. Monitoring and communicating the success of the partnerships established, and projects committed to, through defined key performance indicators (KPIs).