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                                          Employer Support                                    

Walsall Council is committed to supporting businesses growth in the area.  We offer an expert service that responds to investment and expansion enquiries    We also offer a bespoke tailor made service to meet business growth plans

Tailored Recruitment Service

Advertising vacancies, job- matching to clients, application sifting , shortlisting and interviewing 

Work Experience

Unpaid work trials from a pool of interested applicants that offers you a ‘try before you buy’


Grants and subsidies when recruiting local apprentices across all key business sectors 

Sector Based Academies

Pre-employment programmes with a guaranteed interview for interested local unemployed people 


Access to a full range of free training including industry specific certifications (eg.  CSCS, SIA, DBS) 

Skills Development

Access to short courses for new employees and to meet your existing workforce development needs 

Social Responsibility

Building relationships and links between business and local schools and communities. View the CSR page


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