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How We Deliver

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How We Deliver the Walsall Coporate Plan 2018-21

Here at Walsall Council, our Corporate Plan is an integral part of the council’s planning framework and connects key
strategies and plans to the overarching Walsall Plan – the Health and Well Being Strategy for
the borough. Both the Walsall Plan and our Corporate Plan are informed by key strategic need
assessments including the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Community Safety
Needs Assessment and the Local Economic Needs Assessment.

A copy of Walsall Councils 2018-2021 Corporate Plan can be downloaded by clicking the report image below (link opens in a new window)

At Walsall Council we regularly monitor our economic performance against a set of indicators, this enables us to measure the effectiveness of our interventions, such as Walsall Works and Impact, as well as tailoring these schemes to meet future need. We are also benchmarking against a range of published indictors to check how we are performing compared our peers, as well as our own past performance. 

Click on the links below to download some infographic examples of the data we regulary monitor.

1. Economic Measures Dashboard (at Nov 2018) (link opens in new window) 

Showing Walsall trends and comparison across the Black Country for some key economic measures, the summary table demonstrates how Walsall are performing in relation to our peers and also ourselves over time.


2. Brief Economic Summary for Walsall 2018 (link opens in a new window)

The infographic below gives a more visual approach showing Walsall Economic Values for 2018. A brief one page summary highlighting Walsall's current economic position.


3. Impact and Walsall Works DashBoards are produced regularly (examples below) - these give a summary of the demographic mix and outcomes for clients enrolled on our schemes (links open in new window). Dashboards will be added monthly showing how client numbers and outcomes are growing. Please go to the Dashboards page to view a table of current and historical dashboards for the Impact and Walsall Works schemes.

Impact Clients to August 2018

Walsall Works Clients to August 2018

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