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Tree Wardens in Walsall

The council needs you!
The council is committed to making sure that its parks and open spaces are not only pleasurable and fun to visit but safe also. Currently officers of the Greenspaces Team are developing a Tree Risk Management Programme to ensure that all risks from trees are managed sustainably and with a view to reducing associated risks.
The community of Walsall and its many visitors are essential to this process as it is they who are not only exposed to the risks but are the main recipients of the benefits of the urban forest in its many forms.
The council has committed to funding the development of a tree warden programme across the whole of its administrative area. This will include a comprehensive training programme, administrative support and plenty of events to get you out and about in Walsall's many parks, open spaces and countryside areas.
For more information about tree wardens visit What do Tree Wardens do?.  
Here in Walsall it is hoped that we can attract and organise many people from all around the district (at least one per Local Neighbourhood Partnership) to help:
organise community events such as tree planting, tree walks, seed gathering, etc.
liaise with the local schools to act as advisors on tree matters
inspect many of the trees in the council's parks and countryside sites and add them to an inventory of all trees
act as the communities first point of contact for most tree matters
set up a tree nursery
keep an eye on unscrupulous developers
To name but a few ideas.
You as a tree warden need not do any or all of these, it's down to personal choice training and time available but a minimum level of commitment is expected from any Tree Warden.
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If you are interested or want more information then please contact Street Pride