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Mental health

Mental Health and children

All children and young people deserve the best possible start in life. They will go through some big changes in their lives that can affect them physically and mentally.

Severe mental illness is rare in children and young people, but mental health problems are common. They can have a big effect on them, their potential and their families.

Children and young people with learning disabilities may need some extra support. There are times when they may feel more fragile or vulnerable than others. This could be:

  • when they move from one school to another
  • during puberty
  • if things change at home
  • if there is a bereavement

Sometimes they don't understand that they need help at all. This can be really challenging for their families and carers.

NHS mental health support

Find out how to get urgent help for mental health from the NHS.

The NHS website has information about support services, voluntary groups or charities, and how to access them. There's also advice for looking after your mental health on the Every Mind Matters website.

Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

CAMHS offer a multi-disciplinary service specialising in the assessment and treatment of moderate to severe mental health difficulties in children and young people.  Their provisions cater for children and young people demonstrating early signs of emotional wellbeing difficulties. Interventions can be delivered in school and community settings, with severe mental health difficulties treated by highly skilled mental health professionals. Download the CAHMS factsheet to find out more.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation provide: 

  • community and peer programmes, testing and evaluating the best approaches to improving mental health in communities
  • research, studies and reports on what protects mental health, and the causes of poor mental health (and how to tackle them)
  • public engagement, giving advice to millions of people and running Mental Health Awareness Week across the UK each year
  • advocacy - proposing solutions and campaigning for change to address the underlying causes of poor mental health

Young Minds

Young Minds is a charity that provides help and support for children, young people, parents and people working with children and young people.