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Sustainable school travel

Sustainable Mode of Travel Strategy (SMoT)

The delivery of sustainable travel choices is governed by a variety of different aspects of legislation that places a responsibility on all Local Authorities to manage them. Estimates have suggested that school related traffic amounts to as much as 20% of all traffic at school travel peak times.

Our SMoT outlines how we intend to influence travel choice and meet these duties placed upon us, our approaches to improving travel and travel information, as well as analysing current issues and addressing these via an Action Plan to see how we can overcome these in the future.

Walsall Council’s strategy covers the period April 2012 – March 2015. A timetable for annual review over this period is included within this strategy document.

The strategy is also reviewed on an annual basis to show our progress and achievement to date.

View the 2016 Annual Review (423KB)


A*STARS stands for Active Sustainable Travel and Road Safety. It is a joint project between Walsall Council Traffic Safety & Operation Team and Public Health.

The aim of the project is to reduce car use on the school run by encouraging children to walk, cycle, use public transport or car share. This will help to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the health of school children and their families.

A*STARS has a dedicated website, which is used to deliver the programme with schools. More information on the programme can be found at


Health and sustainable travel

  • Year-on-year increase in active travel (walking / cycling / scooting)  for A*STARS primary schools, now up to 55.9%, compared to National average of 48%
  • Cycling levels in A*STARS primary schools almost 3x higher than non A*STARS schools (2.5% compared to 0.9%)
  • Year-on-year increase in cycling at Walsall Secondary Schools over last 3 years, following increased Bikeability training for year 6 pupils


  • Year-on-year reduction in car journeys to A*STARS primary school over last 3 years, now 39.6% compared to a national trend which has remained constant at 46%
  • 60% of A*STARS schools in a 20mph speed limit, advisory 20mph or ‘safe school zone’
  • Installation of new cycle shelters at A*STARS schools, resulting in a significant increase in pupils cycling to school
  • 500+ school parking patrols as part of a targeted enforcement campaign outside schools

Education / Promotion

  • 76% (66) of Walsall Primary Schools (including academies, PRU’s and special schools) participating in the programme
  • Over 900+ pupils and parents receiving cycle maintenance training, to remove barriers to cycling
  • 224 pupils trained as “Sheriffs” to be ambassadors for the programme

Road safety

  • 2086 year 3 pupils received practical pedestrian training during the last academic year to ensure ‘active travel is also safe travel’
  • Over 2100 reception pupils and parents received practical pedestrian training to encourage active travel as a preferred choice from the outset
  • Over 900 pupils at A*STARS schools trained to Bikeability level 2 or 3 standard during the last academic year, as part of an expanding Bikeability programme

Active Travel Strategy (ATS)

The Active Travel Strategy covers modes which result in not only travel, but travel which has health benefits.

These are primarily walking and cycling but it does extend to other modes (e.g. horse-riding).

Walsall’s Active Travel Strategy will reaplace the existing Cycling and Walking Strategies.


Travelwise is a national organisation which promotes sustainable travel. Regional campaigns are organised on an annual basis. More information can be found at


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