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Supplying Walsall Council FAQ

When does the council ask for a tender and a quote?
The Council has a statutory obligation to seek competitive prices.
Generally, for Walsall Council, it is the level of value and risk that will determine whether the council asks for a quote or goes out to tender.
The Council’s Contract Rules are part of the Council’s Constitution and require the Council to follow these procedures:
Above £10,000 and up to £50,000
At least 2 written quotations
Above £50,001 and up to EU Threshold
At least 3 written tenders
Above the EU Threshold
Public Contracts Regulations 2015 apply
To receive notification when Walsall Council goes out to tender for a particular good, product or service please register for free on the Councils
What is a competitive tender?
A tender is the completed and priced pre-prepared document that lays out all the terms, conditions and specification. The tender enquiry is issued on the Council's e-tendering portal. They are not then allowed to canvass or collude with the council about it, other than to seek clarity.
The tender period allowed for pricing and submitting a tender varies dependent upon the nature of the contract; however we normally allow a minimum of 2 weeks.
What is the difference between a tender and a contract?
People often use the same terms for different things and different terms for the same thing.
The term tender formally means an invitation to trade under the terms of offer.
A contract is the term used for when the parties have reached agreement.
Where can I find information about supplying with the wider public sector?
The Government provides information about on the .gov website which includes a link to the Contracts Finder website.
What is OJEU?
OJEU is the Official Journal of the European Union which publishes tender opportunities for Supplies, Services and Works from across the European Union.
The contract value Thresholds for Council to publish Contract Notices in OJEU from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2019 are:
Supplies and Services £181,302
Works £4,551,413
Where can I get access to the OJEU notices
These are available through the website which publishes all contract notices throughout the EU. You can view the information without the need to register. However if you do register you can undertake more detailed searches and access historical information.
Further information can also be obtained on the .