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Supplier information

BACS remittance advice emails

Please check your spam or junk folders before contacting us.

We have received a number of calls from suppliers regarding non-receipt of BACS payment remittances that are normally emailed to them. 

We have identified that payment remittance emails are going into suppliers' spam or junk folders due to the different email address the new system uses.

To ensure remittance emails are received directly into inboxes please add to your trusted or safe senders list.

Invoicing Walsall Council during the Covid-19 outbreak

To help us to pay all of our suppliers as normal during the current Covid-19 outbreak, wherever possible please submit invoices electronically to

Please ensure your invoices clearly state a valid Walsall Council purchase order number.  If you do not have a purchase order number, email the officer who procured the goods or services. For guidance, naming conventions for Walsall Council email addresses are generally:

Please do not call Oracle Support. General invoice enquiries and requests for statements should be emailed to

To find out how to become a supplier to Walsall Council or if you want to find out more information on tenders and supplier terms and conditions, please go to the Procurement internet pages.

Anti-fraud intelligence

Businesses are frequently targeted by fraudsters attempting to divert their payments to false bank accounts.  We have many counter measures in place to deal with such attempts but you must also be proactive in tackling fraud.

Please contact us immediately if you hear of any attempts to use company details fraudulently.

Payment delays

One of the main reasons for delays in payments to suppliers is not having a valid purchase order to match the invoice to. When supplying Walsall Council with goods or services please insist on having a valid purchase order number. You can find more advice on our purchase orders page.

Peace of mind

Walsall Council is committed to providing a transparent and secure financial service. To help achieve this several checks are required when setting up a new supplier or amending the details of an existing supplier. These checks are in place to help prevent fraudulent activity protecting both the supplier and Walsall Council.